"What some of our patients are saying:"


After two MRI's and a trip to the ER without a clear diagnosis, I agreed to an

acupuncture consultation with Dr. Vaishali.  Within a short time,

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine clearly made positive changes in my life. 

Dr. Vaishali's expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a healing force in my life!



Dr. Vaishali's vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medical Principles are

supported by intuitive wisdom and a gentle touch. 

My life has been greatly transformed because of Dr. Vaishali.



      My appointments with Dr. Vaishali are nothing short of amazing! Never have I felt so cared for and listened to by a Dr.  My seemingly random health issues were not in fact random, but could be attributed to underlying issues treatable through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Through her treatments and recommendations, I am feeling the best I've felt in years!  Each session leaves me feeling better than the last and I'm so grateful to be feeling back to me! I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to feel better!